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How To Choose The Perfect Valentines Present

Posted by: Mark Robinson  Date: 05/02/2015  

Picking the Perfect Valentines present for your loved one can be tricky at the best of times!

So what do you get the woman who has everything?

This is the perennial problem facing 99% of the male population of the UK over the next week or so leading up to this years Valentine day.

OK She may say she doesn’t need anything but dare you “rock up” on the day empty handed?

Choose The Perfect Valentines Present

Why not choose a piece of jewellery to last forever? The Perfect Valentines Present would be a reminder for this particular Valentine’s day and if it was something heart shaped, even better, choose something that will house a keepsake, a photograph, a lock of hair or any small article of value and it becomes more of a personal gift for all time.

Heart Shaped White Gold Locket-The Perfect Valentines Present

A Man’s Eye View Of The Perfect Valentines Present

Ask any self respecting man and he will always say, “if only she’d give me a clue as to what she really wants”

So Ladies, The clever bit is not to just tell him once (they all suffer from short term memory loss) but to show him what you’d like or even write it down for him. Better still send him a link to a web page of the product you’d like him to get via email or Facebook. Given this permanent record your other half will have no excuse on the day. Leaving print-outs in the loo of exactly what you want and where they can find it on the glorious t’internet will be sure to cement the image in the masculine brain as they’ll have a long time to study it in this chosen room!!

We favour the idea of a Heart Shaped White gold Locket as a perfect Valentine gift. It will not “break the bank” and can even be passed down from generation to generation.

Take this advice and all will be well on the day!