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Opal October Birthstone

Opal- The October birthstone

Posted by: Mark Robinson  Date: 07/10/2014  

The October birthstone Opal is widely adored for it’s tremendous variety of eye-catching colours and unique patterns- the most popular type being the Harlequin Opal.

However, there are over 25 types of Opal found across the world. There are many types of Opal that are native to the Outback of Australia and due to the substantial amount of gems found there, it has become their national stone.

Opal is believed to have been discovered over 4,000 years ago. Australian Aborigine legend states that the creator of the world came down to earth on a rainbow to bring a message of peace to all mankind. At the place where his feet touched the ground, the rocks merged with the rainbow and turned into Opals.

Opal is said to be the stone of inspiration. It can enhance the imagination and creativity in various areas of a person’s life.

The flamboyant gemstone is also thought to enhance memory and diminish confusion.

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