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How to care for your engagement ring

How to care for your engagement ring

Posted by: Mark Robinson  Date: 20/10/2014  

Your engagement ring is a symbol of love, treasured for life, precious and enduring as well as beautiful and valuable.

The care and cleaning of your diamond engagement ring is important; engagement rings are valuable in sentiment and investment as well as beautiful jewellery items.

How do you take care of diamond engagement rings responsibly? Here are some tips:

• Clean your ring regularly. Soak in a warm soapy solution then gently brush with a soft toothbrush around the setting and especially underneath the setting. Rinse with clean water and pat dry in some kitchen roll

• Have it checked by your jeweller every so often and they will check the claws and setting to ensure that there is no damage or wear. Like all jewellery that is worn every day the claws will need replacing to ensure that no stones are lost

• If the metal band on the ring becomes scratched or tarnished it can easily be brought back to its original appearance by your jeweller. This is an easy and inexpensive process but will bring your ring back to its former glory


How to care for your engagement ring


  • Connie Davis

    I was a very fortunate lady indeed to receive a ruby and silver ring from my hubby for our 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday but I am too scared to wear it! The reason being that the way the ruby is set, there are no claws holding the stone in place and looking at it sideways, the stone seems to be set slightly proud of the base setting. Is the stone stuck in with some sort of super strength glue or what? I would love to wear it but the thought of losing that stone, either walking out and about, or just washing my hands, fills me with the heebie jeebies! Please let me know that the stone is secure and that I don’t have to leave it off? Many thanks.